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Big power moves: Transporting 195-ton power transformers in Winnipeg

We work on a lot of power distribution projects, moving oversize equipment to help support local and provincial infrastructure projects.

We were recently tasked with moving three 195-ton power transformers in Winnipeg, Manitoba, as part of a project to improve the reliability of the city’s power distribution network. After it was determined that this cargo was too large to move by rail, we set out to develop an over-the-road transport solution. Our engineers worked with provincial officials and engineers to design a hydraulic trailer configuration that could be supported by the multiple bridges along the 130km transport route. After our trailer design and detailed traffic management plan were approved, we coordinated the massive effort with a host of utilities, authorities and regional municipalities.

We delivered the three power transformers directly from “factory-to-foundation” as scheduled and in the process managed to set a record for the heaviest grossing load to be permitted in the Province of Manitoba. Special thanks to Manitoba’s Infrastructure and Transportation group for their hard work on this project.