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Going Nuclear! Transporting a 130-ton steam turbine rotors to New Brunswick’s Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station

Anyone who works in nuclear power knows how challenging moving industrial equipment can be. From permitting and acquiring precise engineering plans to actually transporting the cargo, the whole process is fraught with roadblocks.

Although it took over a year of planning, the Equipment Express team successfully moved two 130-ton steam turbine rotors from the Port of St John to New Brunswick Power’s Point Lepreau Generating Station.

We provided a turnkey solution for relocating the turbines over 50km from St John, to inside the powerhouse at Point Lepreau. Our permit specialists, engineers and project managers worked together to secure oversized-load permits for the over-the-road transport, which involved a complete closure of a large highway.

The rotors were transported to the station while suspended from the girder frame of our ultra-light 19-axle trailer. Once at the station, we transloaded the rotors to 8-lines of our self-propelled hydraulic trailer to complete the final delivery into the powerhouse.

This project showcased our ability to combine an extensive fleet of equipment and experienced team members to deliver incredible results for a challenging and complex project.