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The right stuff: Seamless generator move in Parry Sound

We work hard to make things run smoothly - and when we do, customers notice.

And in some cases, the press does too.

We worked on a project delivering a generator to the Cascade Hydro-Electric Generating Station in Parry Sound, Ontario, which included over-the-road transportation and on-site handling.

One of our specialized cranes lifted the 38-meter-long, 3.9-meter-wide, and four-meter-high trailer from a local parking lot onto a self-propelled trailer. The crane was driven by an operator walking behind the trailer using hand-held controls.

The project took 90 minutes to complete and the Parry Sound North Star called it, “A seamless production from start to finish”.

Even the Town Director of Public Works in Parry Sound took notice: “They had all the right equipment, all the right staff, it was very well done. I was quite impressed with them.”